Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spencer Stuart CMO Summit

I just returned from the Spencer Stuart CMO Summit in NYC where the topic of…What’s Next? Reinventing Marketing for the Next Chapter was discussed by a distinguished panel from great brands like Visa, Walgreen, US Olympic Committee, HP, Franke and others. My key take-aways from the panel discussion were:
1. Marketing in a challenged economy in more important than any other time. Brands and companies that target their reduced resources and are aggressive will be big winners when the economy turns around.
2. Brands, Company’s and their CMO’s must have a singular purpose and focus to unify the organization and to ensure the customer/consumer understands and gets the message.
3. The trend continues away from traditional media to digital. The general consensus was that the leading marketers will have already are in the process of shipping up to 40% of the communication spend to digital (web, social media, etc).
4. The final take-away and probably the most critical was the notion of… Picking your bets as a marketer and than commit and don’t waver!

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  1. Sounds very informative.
    I very much agree with point 3. However with so much content out there in the digital format it certainly makes # 2 more challenging.