Friday, November 4, 2011

What do GE, Baldwin Hardware, Brunswick, Coleman & Franke have in common?

They have benefited from my ability to craft a new strategy and business plan and get their organizations to rally around this new plan, rapidly reversing negative trends in sales and profit. This was accomplished in each case by:
 1.     Quickly analyzing company and competitors gaps in serving the customer
 2.     Building a plan to fill those gaps quickly and profitably
It always included:
1.     Reinvigorating product development
2.     Focusing the brand massage and marketing
3.   Building a Team and Culture to Win
This was combined with a focus and commitment to the customer through:
1.    Improved distribution strategy
2.   Customer service and supply chain excellence

If you are intrigued and believe this type of leadership could help your company please let me know...I would like to help!

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