Thursday, January 19, 2012

25% • 70% - 5% Recruiting Formula - Do You Agree?

The executive search firm Karel and Company claims to have a candidate assessment model that can predict a candidates success in a new company.

They believe A candidate’s experience, expertise, business prowess, and acumen should not be the final discriminating criteria in the search for the best candidate. They suggest the following criteria should also part of the qualifiers.

  • What does he/she bring any new or additional business to the table?
  • Do they possess the leadership, style, traits, and ability to guide and grow the people that will be working with? 
  • Does the candidate have well honed management and mentoring skills?

The "Formula": “25% • 70% - 5%

  • 25% of a candidate’s value to your company is their knowledge and experience, who they know and what can they bring to the table that will be of value to your company.
  • 70% of their value to you is how the candidates’ personality and chemistry will fit in with your companies. This will ultimately determine if they will be successful. And, the last 5% … 
  • 5% is luck! Everyone and every company needs some luck. 
What do you think?

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