Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do You Have A Negative Attitude?

You  MUST take charge of your attitude.  This is critically important advice, especially when you consider that no one else in the world can do it for you.  But taking charge of your attitude can be an enormous task, so let’s understand what you’re up against.

Although attitudes can make or break us, we do have the ability to change them.  As with most challenges, it may not be immediately comfortable, but with a reasonable amount of effort you can learn to manage your attitudes and behaviors as easily as you manage your wardrobe.  It all comes down to what you choose to display to the world from your “attitude menu.”

We are all business owners of ME, Inc., and we need to keep a watchful eye on attitude and behavior because they have an enormous impact on family, friends, associates, staff and clients — not to mention our Personal Board of Directors. You can’t expect to be a successful business owner or employee if you have a chip on your shoulder, wear a perpetual frown, or allow jets of steam to shoot out of your ears just because you didn’t get your way on an important conference call or project.

Negative Thinking vs. Negative Attitude
They’re close — but not identical.  Negative thinking is also called negativity,  being negative, or just plain pessimism.  People who think negatively often have deep, unresolved self-esteem issues.  As a result, they put themselves down, are self-blaming, and have great difficulty with assertiveness.

Negative attitude (or in today’s jargon, just ‘attitude’) carries the stigma of being disagreeable, unpleasant, unkind, pessimistic, deceptive, and so on. If you have negative attitudes about life or business, most of your challenges will come from people who’ve made the decision to ignore your toxic personality.  Clearly, this will not help you get far in your career, job or personal life!

No One Values Negativity
Negative thinking, negative attitude, and negative behavior are all frowned upon and we would all be wise to look in the mirror and take an honest assessment. My experience tells me that people want to be associated with in work and socially with people that they respect at a minimum and if they like you all the better.

Borrowed from Rod Colón - Co-Host of Radio Show "YOUR CAREER IS CALLING"

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