Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 Must Have Skills for a Leader

Good times or bad...those who have these skilss will find a way to provide the leadership needed no matter what the situation...
1. They have the right values and beliefs. Great leaders live by a set of principles that guide them when the need arises.

2. They are inherently courageous. There is not an absence of fear, but management of it. Anyone who has overcome intense fright will tell you that there isn’t a better rush.

3. They are prepared. Their organizations are disciplined to assess threats and map out ways to deal with the crisis when it occurs. The CEO has to believe this day will come, and when it does, the company will be prepared to cope from the moment the crisis occurs to the point that recovery procedures begin.

4. They know how to communicate. Getting the right ideas into the heads of others is paramount. In the case of a recall or an environmental disaster, the first concern is public safety, not the financial interest of the shareholders.

5. They live and breathe the company culture. If the culture is right, the decision-making is much easier.

inspired by John Bell

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  1. Great and essential points! These points happen when a leader leads self well.