Saturday, January 17, 2009

White Paper: The Growth Dilemma for Premium Brands

The following is an Introduction to a white paper on the The Common Traps and Pitfalls of successfully Growing Premium brands

What Causes Premium Brands to Stagnate or Decline?

The root cause is a combination of many of the same issues that helped create the current financial crisis. A focus on quick financial reward resulting in tactical rather than strategic leadership!

There are numerous traps that must be avoided by ownership/management that often permanently damage and impact the future viability of premium brands. These common traps and misconceptions can be classified into three categories:

1. Endless Cycle of Turmoil and Short Term Orientation
2. Market share vs. Profit
3. Not Understanding and Committing to your Brand

The mistakes rarely exist individually and it is my experience that they often are all present in poor performing businesses. The endless cycle of these two strategic mistakes is often clouded by a cycle of turmoil and short term thinking that often needlessly destroys or devalues once vibrant and successful businesses/brands.

If you would like to read the entire white paper please go to the following link. I welcome your comments and I hope you will come back for more debate and sharing.

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