Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strategies for gaining uplift in a downshift

We recently completed our CMO Council, North American board meeting in NYC. The topics were wide ranging but the first topic discussed was an exploration of:

Strategies for gaining uplift in a downshift

Below are my favorites from the discussion and best practices sharing from the board. Many of these might be common sense to some but my experience tells me that most marketers become very focused on doing less of the same rather than doing what’s critical for the long term health of the business.

  1. Pay attention to your best customers…do NOT take them for granted!

  2. Think about “value added” service in addition to the tangible product you are selling?

  3. Redirect discretionary spending to future activity to reassure your current customers that you are positioning for the future vs. advertising and new customer development.

  4. Work more closely with the sales team – no time for turf battles. You will win or lose together…look around there are less of you.

  5. Focus – what is your point of differentiation? Invest in it and nothing else during this difficult period.

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  1. Very relevant for the times. Charlie, I'm enjoying your blog.

    John Walker