Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strategy from the Outside In

The premise of this book hits the mark! Congratulations to George Day and Christine Moorman for highlighting this all to common leadership mistake!

Strategy from the Outside In, by George S. Day and Christine Moorman examines influential strategy ideas (shareholder value, core competence, and six sigma) that have lured companies into a dangerous internal focus, viewing the world from the inside out. As a result, companies lose sight of the market which leads to poor results over the long run. Inside-out thinking distracts companies from the core purpose of a business: to create and serve customers. Fulfilling that purpose can be done only by approaching strategy from the outside in. In this refreshing look at creating enduring business value, Day and Moorman challenge companies to shift their perspective. They demonstrate that companies that adopt—and fight to keep—an outside-in view focused on customer value have grown revenue, profit, and shareholder value through both boom-and-bust business cycles.

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