Monday, November 28, 2011

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

       Can you answer these simple questions about your Brand?

  •  What do you want your brand to be known for among your target audience? If you can own a specific word or benefit in consumers’ minds, you’ve hit the brand positioning jackpot.
  • What can you deliver that competitors cannot do as well or at all? This is your niche and the basis of a strong brand position.
  • Does your desired brand position match your overall company goals and vision? Confusion is a brand’s worst enemy.
  • Are your brand goals realistic? For example, attacking the market leader without sufficient funds to back up the effort is a recipe for failure.
  • Do you have the necessary funds to devote to developing your brand position? Brand positions aren’t owned overnight. It takes time and money to own a position in consumers’ minds, particularly if you’re entering an established market. You also need to consider the money needed to sustain your brand’s position once you successfully establish it.
  • Are you thinking long-term? Short-term goal setting is too short-sited for brand positioning development. You can support your brand position with short-term tactics, but a powerful brand position must be able to grow, expand, and extend well into the future.

Thanks to and Susan Gunelius

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  1. Thank you for sharing parts of the article I wrote for AYTM with your audience, Charlie! I'm glad you enjoyed it.