Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Years Resolutions for 2012 - Maybe they will work for you?

  1. Don't Look Back - 2011 was a challenging year both personally and professionally but dealing with both circumstances have allowed me to focus on the positive and the future - Shouldn't we all do that!
  2. Enjoy Today - It's cliche but it is also good advice. There are surprises around every corner and many are good but some are not so make today count - you don't want to have regrets.
  3. Look Forward to Tomorrow - Change creates opportunity and life is a journey - use change to gain new experiences, visit new places and meet new people - how could that be a bad thing?
  4. Continue to Learn - New people, experiences and places all provide an opportunity to learn. Read, listen and observe...
  5. Smile and Laugh - Every Day, Make Someone Else Smile
  6. Call Mom and Dad often - 88 and 82 - I hope I have their genes!
  7. Make 2012 A Year Long Celebrate of 30 Years with Susan - No explanation needed!
  8. Say Thank You - Pay It Forward - especially to those that helped with my 2011 change!
  9. Maintain my Blog  and Website - This started for a practical reason but has also been an education and driven some personal reflection - no reason to stop!
  10. Maintain My Health and Fitness - Yes I know this is on every ones list but my time off has given me a good start. I also want to do another Century Ride.

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