Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leadership Lesson from Presidential Candidates

Your politics may influence your perspective but our current Presidential candidates and President are all leaders. As is the case in business leaders have different skills and some are applicable to the needs of the organization and sometimes its a mismatch. So even if you don't agree with their politics I contend that they all have something to offer and if we could bundle them together in one leader we would have something quite special...

Barack Obama: There is no arguing his ability to communicate to large groups. This is not a common skill and some of our best known leaders are not great speakers or communicators - this is a great attribute that has the power to influence.

Mitt Romney: A well rounded resume with breath and diversity of experience including success and failure is how you learn and develop your core beliefs and style as a leader. Having real world experiences in investing money and being accountable for budgets, people and strategy is a great teacher of how to manage with limited resources.

Newt Gingrich: Knowledge and intelligence is certainly a great asset. The key is the ability to implement and take great ideas and make them applicable to a real world. But if you don't have knowledge you are certainly behind the eight ball when you start.

Rick Perry: Proof of results in a similar situation like running a large and diverse state like organization (Texas) is certainly no small accomplishment and gives valuable insight into the challenges ahead in a larger organization.

Rick Santorum: Consistency and depth of believe is central to a good leader. Often referred to as strength of conviction. This skill is one that is obvious to followers and if they believe what you are saying and doing it can be a powerful way to create a team that is unified and working against a common goal.

Ron Paul: Having the courage to stand up for what you believe in spite of doubters in a relaxed an comfortable style is very appealing. Acting as if you are part of the team not the all knowing leader is a skill that endears others to support and want to help and follow.

John Huntsman: Global and diverse experience in an increasingly global and challenging world is a very valuable skill. To many leaders today lack this insight and having actually experienced other cultures and perspectives gives very valuable insight into dealing with it.

If we could put all this together in one leader what ever orgaization they were leading would certainly have a head start on the competition! 

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