Monday, January 9, 2012

Where Have the Real Leaders Gone?

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?
  1. Do you have Integrity in everything you do? Dealing with your staff, customers, and superiors? If you don't have Integrity you can't build a sustainable business because there is no loyalty...
  2. Is Loyalty important to You? If not you may win the short term battle but you will lose the (long term), the war! Relationships and reputation are central to long term success. If customers can't trust you - they won't buy. If your staff can't trust you they won't go above and beyond and you will lose them as soon as they can get out. 
  3. If there is no Integrity and Loyalty than you can't build a Team. Teamwork is an absolute requirement in an increasing competitive world where resources and customers are at a premium. If your team isn't working together and for you, they are working for themselves and against you!
My favorite quote from Jack Welch is when I heard him explain that the essence of leaderships is Knowing the Difference between Doing "What's Right" vs. "Doing The Right Thing". Leadership can be described in many ways but the essence is certainly about knowing the difference between right and wrong in dealing with people and business issues. What makes this so complicated is that many leaders lack the confidence and grounding that comes from the foundation of Integrity, Loyalty and Teamwork.

If you don’t have confidence this often leads to a focus on short term (tactical) activity and results or putting out today’s fire rather than having a big picture (strategic) view and building for the long term. If your team, customers and superiors are not part of your "team" you are relegated to being evaluated on your short term results, they are important but it’s tough to live on that treadmill every day. If you have a "team" the long term results are just as if not more important and as a result the short term results will not be the only evaluation criteria but just a piece of the much bigger picture….a more balanced and sustainable approach and outcome!

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