Thursday, December 8, 2011

Optimal Brain Function Techniques

Dr Scott Halford shared how the brain works and how it affects leadership and executive performance in a recent MENG Webinar. This is high level Nero science but he boiled it down to five simple scientific facts that can help us all. We have heard many of these before but he was able to show the science behind these tips.
  1. Exercise: 15 minutes a day at a minimum
  2. Meditate: This does not have to be 60's stuff just turn off the phone, no iPod, no computer, TV, etc. A 50/10 Rule was 50 minutes - turn off 10 minutes every hour.
  3. Sleep: 8 Hours is the average need
  4. Laugh: No need to explain this
  5. Cry: Release - don't hold it in - if doing this in public is a problem do it privately

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