Monday, December 19, 2011

Year In Review & Thank You - 2011 Ebook from Getty Images

Getty Images Ebook:

Around the world 2011 has seen all types of change...good and bad from natural disasters, governments failings, wars ending, evil people meeting their maker and people around the globe speaking up. We have also seen great examples of leadership and human nature. 2012 is sure to offer another round of unexpected events, experiences and opportunities for all of us!

It has been quite a year for me personally . There have been significant accomplishments in both my professional and personal life including by son Matthew becoming a Dr. and my Mother winning round one in a flight with cancer! There were many lessons learned and the beginning of something new professionally. In this process I continue grow and most of all continue to be inspired by human nature. Friends and supporters come in many forms and have come out of the woodwork to help when they saw an injustice. I am unbelievably blessed to have many more friends than I realized and the incredible support of my wife, Susan and especially the friends that I thought were simply business acquaintances.

Thank you all! 2012 will surly be another experience with more surprises but I am looking forward to being the one helping my friends next year.

Enjoy the attached Ebook from Getty Images with a great photo journey through 2011!

Happy New Year - Charlie

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